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Online CPA Class - Overview An online CPA class is a program offered by educational organizations that allows students to learn from distance and that awards the certification of public accountant upon completion. An online CPA class can be the perfect solution for accountants that wish to obtain the public accountant certification by learning from home instead of actively taking part in campus classes.

The Uniform CPA Exam
An online CPA class will still require from students to be present in special testing centers, especially toward the end of the course, when they will have to take the final exam, the Uniform CPA Exam.

The final test, the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination, is...
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Passing The Test With Online CPA Classes Online CPA classes have become more and more available as people try to enhance their resumes with certifications they had previously neglected. Many times when someone seeks a degree they get out of school, get a good job, and stop their formal education because they have been going to school since kindergarten. Unfortunately when the financial crisis hit these same people were not able to maintain a job many times because those who were the best qualified were retained. So, those people who stopped their education are looking for simple ways to continue, but may have difficulty obtaining the certificate because they have been out of school for so long. The...
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Q&A: Online CPA Classes Provide Educational Refuge for Working Professionals Q.1) Do online CPA classes really help?

A.1) Online CPA classes are perfect for those students who don’t have time to attend classes physically. The CPA exam is a very advanced financial exam and hence one has to undergo comprehensive study in order to pass the exam. When one becomes a member of the Online CPA classes program one gets access to study material which one can either view online or download it for offline use.

Q.2) How does one become a member of online CPA classes?

A.2) In order to enroll for the online CPA classes, one has to register with the classes by filling an online form. Most of the classes have...
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GM Was Slow To Recall Saturn Cars With Steering Flaw

General Motors delayed a safety recall of more than 330,000 cars, newly released federal documents show. The Saturn Ions were found to have defective power steering systems.

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